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A lightweight model with a counter that supports a wide range of light games has evolved further. It is a lightweight model with a counter that supports a wide range of light games on ships, such as offshore lures such as sea bream, light jigging, and metal sutte, as well as hairtail, horse mackerel, grunt, egitako, and flounder. In addition to the digital counter with LED backlight, we have pursued functions for fishing, such as the long handle, the lineup of single handle models, and the adoption of exciting drag sounds. With the addition of the 300PG/300HG model with more roomy line capacity, you can enjoy a comfortable game in a wider range of situations. Barchetta, a hand-wound reel with a counter that is popular in salt games that are conscious of Tana, has undergone a model change. The main feature is that it is lighter than its predecessor and has more handle variations. In particular, we are planning to lengthen the handle, which was highly requested by offshore light gamers such as metal sutte and sea bream, so you can choose according to your own fishing species and fishing method. In addition, ON/OFF of the clutch is upgraded. It is finished in a comfortable clutch that cuts off easily. It looks like a Shimano reel. The liquid crystal counter with LED backlight is an indispensable function for Metal Sutte, whose stage is set at dusk and at night. You can clearly see the counter display even if you see it in a slightly shadowed place on the ship. It is also safe to replace the battery with a single coin. As well as offshore light games, 300PG / 300HG that can be reeled 300m in No. 2 is also available, so it covers a variety of fishing such as hairtail, egitako, and light horse mackerel.

CodeMODELgear ratioMaximum drag force (Kg)Weight (g)Spool diameter (mm)/width (mm)Thread winding amount nylon (lb-m)Maximum winding length (cm/1 rotation of handle)Handle length (mm)Number of bearings BB/roller
496936304268221 BARCHETTA 100DHHG - RIGHT100DH-HG74.519032/221-200, 1.5-140, 2-10070553+1
496936304269921 BARCHETTA 101DHHG - LEFT101DH-HG74.519032/221-200, 1.5-140, 2-10070553+1
496936304274321 BARCHETTA 150DHHG - RIGHT150DH-PG5.8Five19532/221.5-200,2-150,3-10058553+1
496936304270521 BARCHETTA 150DHPG - RIGHT150DH-HG74.519532/221.5-200,2-150,3-10070553+1
496936304272921 BARCHETTA 150HG - RIGHT150HG74.520032/221.5-200,2-150,3-10070603+1
496936304275021 BARCHETTA 151DHHG - LEFT151DH-HG74.519532/221.5-200,2-150,3-10070553+1
496936304271221 BARCHETTA 151DHPG - LEFT151DH-PG5.8Five19532/221.5-200,2-150,3-10058553+1
496936304273621 BARCHETTA 151HG - LEFT151HG74.520032/221.5-200,2-150,3-10070603+1
496936304277421 BARCHETTA 300HG - RIGHT300PG5.8623033/372-300,3-20060603+1
496936304276721 BARCHETTA 300PG - RIGHT300HG75.523033/372-300,3-20073603+1
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