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BASSDAY GYOKUSAI 135F The strongest minnow that cuts through the wind with a super heavyweight. The new mechanism TSL firmly fixes the super heavy weight. ■ Everyone has a stable flight distance ■ When the wind blows, it comes into play ■ Capture a shallow range and swim firmly even if you wind it slowly. Overwhelming flight distance, shallow dive depth, and the strongest weapon against wind! In order to confront the strong monsoon, Tamashii is a super bullet minnow that gives top priority to flight distance and flight attitude. In addition to the conventional shaft glider system, the new mechanism TSL (torsion spring lock system) (PAT.P) is adopted for the center of gravity movement system. For the first time in the history of bath day development, a huge cylindrical tungsten with a diameter of 8 mm and 14.5 g is used for the moving weight. With the super-heavy moving weight and new mechanism, the strongest weapon that can withstand headwinds has been completed. The action is set to strong rolling and wobbling so that you can swim well even at slow speeds. Since this action setting is originally the size of the moving weight, it may cause fluttering or jumping out to the surface of the water, but it is firmly fixed by the new mechanism TSL, and it realizes swimming like a fixed center of gravity. Since the swim is transmitted firmly to your hand, you can feel the flow even when fishing at night with poor visibility. Also, due to the dive depth, it is set to less than 1m. The fish eater that chases the bait into the surf, tidal flats, and shallow areas has been finished in a dive range when it is further driven to the surface of the water. The hook is a two-hook and the count is set large, so there is no problem even if the target is a blue fish. * As a result of giving top priority to overwhelming flight distance and adopting super-heavy moving weights, the weight may not return well when landing. In that case, you can start swimming more quickly by gently fanning the rod tip.

Cod Modello
27995 BASSDAY GYOKUSAI 135F 135 mm 31,7 gr COL. HH-16
27997 BASSDAY GYOKUSAI 135F 135 mm 31,7 gr COL. LH-244
27998 BASSDAY GYOKUSAI 135F 135 mm 31,7 gr COL. MG-438
27996 BASSDAY GYOKUSAI 135F 135 mm 31,7 gr COL. MH-440
27999 BASSDAY GYOKUSAI 135F 135 mm 31,7 gr COL. P-04
28000 BASSDAY GYOKUSAI 135F 135 mm 31,7 gr COL. P-103
28001 BASSDAY GYOKUSAI 135F 135 mm 31,7 gr COL. P-439
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