Modello: ARTICO VELENO
    Lunghezza: 1,95 metri monofusto 
    Modello (Best drag): VELENO 1 (3,5 Kg) - VELENO 2 (5,5 Kg) - VELENO 3 (8,5 Kg)
    Anelli: possibilità di montaggio con anelli Alps S6 oppure Fuji Alconite oppure Fuji SiC 


    Made in Italy is inimitable
    A year of laboratory and fishing tests to take the mechanical characteristics of Dynanotex to the extreme. A meticulous work to reduce weights and diameters to make the drums more sensitive and reactive. Here are the new creatures of Casa Arcico, the Apache Veleno: the one-piece developed for trolling from high ground and in the 5.5 Kg model also for live trolling, with a range of use from 400 to 800 grams of guardian or sinker lead. If you are looking for an engineering masterpiece, if you want to stand out for style and performance, if you like fishing furious fish with thin rods: the Apache Veleno are the right choice!

    The range
    This new series of trolling rods consists of three single-barrel models with respective Best Drag of 3.5Kg - 5.5Kg - 8.5Kg. Entirely handmade in the Artico laboratories, the Apache Veleno exploits the mechanical characteristics of Dynanotex combined with the meticulous processing systems of the best Italian artisans in the sector, to obtain fishing actions different from any other rod on the market.

    The Acid
    Our Apache Veleno are also available in the Acid version, that is with the rings mounted in a spiral. This type of assembly enhances the mechanical characteristics of these tools even more by raising the Best Drag abundantly by one kg while keeping the weight unchanged.

    The Blank
    Thanks to the use of Dynanotex we were able to obtain barrels with base diameters of about 1.2 cm, thus placing us among the thinnest and most powerful live rods on the market. 1.95 meters long, our Apache Veleno have a modular and progressive action: the high part is sensitive, the central part is nervous and the low part guarantees an unprecedented power reserve. They are very fun and reliable rods, those who have tried them no longer fish with other rods.

    The whole series can be equipped with different types of rings according to customer requests, the mounting options are: ALPS S 6 - Fuji Alconite - Fuji SiC both in line mounting and in spiral mounting (acid)

    ModelloLungh mtN° Sez.AnelliBest Drag
    VELENO 1
    VELENO 2
    VELENO 3
    3,5 Kg
    5,5 Kg
    8,5 Kg 
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