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XESTA BLACK STAR 2nd Generation

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XESTA BLACK STAR 2nd Generation


XESTA ROD BLACK STAR 2nd Generation Black Star continues to reign at the core of XESTA in the ever-evolving light game scene. Torqueful power and outstanding cast feel put various targets in your hands. This model, called the 2nd Generation, thoroughly reviewed the blanks and ply carbon with different elasticity from various directions. This achieves overwhelming weight reduction and elimination of blurring during casting. In addition, I was able to secure the torqueful berry and bat power that are the characteristics of Black Star. The guide has a wide range that can be used from finesse monofilament lines to PE lines, and a small diameter K guide is set in consideration of increasing flight distance and avoiding line troubles. It has evolved into a light game rod that can attack more aggressively and delicately than ever before. Tonight, a new legend will beat once again and spread to various places. S83 DISTANCESCAPE is a spinning model that uses jig heads, caro, small jigs, and plugs to kill large rockfish and horse mackerel in situations where long throws are required, such as rocky shores, gorotas, surfs, and embankments. With torque and power from the berry to the bat, you can clearly catch a long range bite and bring it to hooking.

CodLunghezzaSezioniLure WeightPeso gr
30235XESTA ROD BLACK STAR S83 1.5-20G.2,51 metri11,5 – 20 gr130
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