The body Jigaro QR low density realized in Z Light Metal in 2018 joins the family. The main body of the weight balance, pursuing the balance of the flight distance and the action of jigaro, demonstrates the response to the action of the highest peak of the series on the running work. Abandoning intentionally sink rate, we produce a slow fall that does not seem a metal body. A small downward force means that all the input power can be converted into ascending or lateral action. A mask that allows you to activate a target low-activity and keep the mask in sight. It is proposing new tactics in the world to shore jigging and jigging.

    023285ZETZ JIGARO QR100GR.COL. G-04
    023286ZETZ JIGARO QR100GR.COL. H-116
    023287ZETZ JIGARO QR100GR.COL. H-35
    023288ZETZ JIGARO QR100GR.COL. H-612
    023289ZETZ JIGARO QR100GR.COL. H-615
    023290ZETZ JIGARO QR100GR.COL. H-616
    023291ZETZ JIGARO QR100GR.COL. MG-10
    023292ZETZ JIGARO QR100GR.COL. MG-616
    023293ZETZ JIGARO QR100GR.COL. SH-528
    023294ZETZ JIGARO QR135GR.COL. G-04
    023295ZETZ JIGARO QR135GR.COL. H-116
    023296ZETZ JIGARO QR135GR.COL. H-35
    023297ZETZ JIGARO QR135GR.COL. H-612
    023298ZETZ JIGARO QR135GR.COL. H-615
    023299ZETZ JIGARO QR135GR.COL. H-616
    023300ZETZ JIGARO QR135GR.COL. MG-10
    023301ZETZ JIGARO QR135GR.COL. MG-616
    023302ZETZ JIGARO QR135GR.COL. SH-528
    023303ZETZ JIGARO QR150GR.COL. G-04
    023304ZETZ JIGARO QR150GR.COL. H-116
    023305ZETZ JIGARO QR150GR.COL. H-35
    023306ZETZ JIGARO QR150GR.COL. H-612
    023307ZETZ JIGARO QR150GR.COL. H-615
    023308ZETZ JIGARO QR150GR.COL. H-616
    023309ZETZ JIGARO QR150GR.COL. MG-10
    023310ZETZ JIGARO QR150GR.COL. MG-616
    023311ZETZ JIGARO QR150GR.COL. SH-528
    023267ZETZ JIGARO QR60GR.COL. G-04
    023268ZETZ JIGARO QR60GR.COL. H-116
    023269ZETZ JIGARO QR60GR.COL. H-35
    023270ZETZ JIGARO QR60GR.COL. H-612
    023271ZETZ JIGARO QR60GR.COL. H-615
    023272ZETZ JIGARO QR60GR.COL. H-616
    023273ZETZ JIGARO QR60GR.COL. MG-10
    023274ZETZ JIGARO QR60GR.COL. MG-616
    023275ZETZ JIGARO QR60GR.COL. SH-528
    023276ZETZ JIGARO QR80GR.COL. G-04
    023277ZETZ JIGARO QR80GR.COL. H-116
    023278ZETZ JIGARO QR80GR.COL. H-35
    023279ZETZ JIGARO QR80GR.COL. H-612
    023280ZETZ JIGARO QR80GR.COL. H-615
    023281ZETZ JIGARO QR80GR.COL. H-616
    023282ZETZ JIGARO QR80GR.COL. MG-10
    023283ZETZ JIGARO QR80GR.COL. MG-616
    023284ZETZ JIGARO QR80GR.COL. SH-528
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