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Tailwalk SSD Ajist

Tailwalk SSD Ajist

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AJIST SSD Standard version of the Azing series Ajing racing model with solid tip. The tip expresses even small bites. Flexible for a wide range of rig and fields. Sensitive high-elasticity carbon blanks. Light weight due to simple grip and stainless frame SiC guides. Wide lineup for all kinds of fields in the world with SSDs concepts easy/ high-spec/ result. 63 IS VERSATILE I Most versatile model in small areas with collaboration of long-casting and operability. Recommended also for beginners of light games. 68 IS VERSATILE ? Versatile model on every kind of field. Long-casting is also available with this rod. 71 IS BASIC LONG-CASTING MODEL The fine cast-feeling from thin and flexible blank is guaranteed. Long-casting is available not only for jigheads but also other rig like Carolina rig. 76 IS SUPER LONG-CASTING MODEL All kind of light lures can be casted long and easy. The butt section has enough power for a big Aji over 40cm.

027658Tailwalk SSD Ajist6.329967MAX5
027659Tailwalk SSD Ajist6.8210570MAX5
027660Tailwalk SSD Ajist7.1211175MAX6
027661Tailwalk SSD Ajist7.6211777MAX8

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