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Pursuing even more comfortable operation with aluminum JOG while maintaining the basic performance of enhancement REAL MONSTER While improving the operability, the basic performance of compactness (light weight) and power, which are required for small electric machines, has been improved. Considering the environment in the field, the aluminum JOG power lever has been thoroughly pursued for finger engagement to achieve comfortable operation even with wet fingertips. The shelves, invitations, slow hoisting and awase can be controlled by the angler. In terms of start-up, the basic performance required for electric motors has been endorsed by many fans, including the MAGMAX motor that has both torque and instantaneous power, and the ATD that continues to operate smoothly. In terms of durability, the magnetic shield ball bearing is mounted on the spool shaft axis that is most prone to tide. The electric handheld game has been refined to achieve a more comfortable feeling. REAL MONSTER continues to evolve. DAIWA TECHNOLOGY image ■Aluminum JOG power lever With aluminum cutting, it has excellent grip performance, and winding operation is more comfortable even with wet fingertips. In addition, compared to the current resin products, more delicate operations and quick movements are possible. *The operation part is aluminum cutting & the shaft part is a resin hybrid aluminum JOG, which is different from the LTD and SLOGIGI models. ■ JOG Power Lever- There are fishing that only JOG can do. The JOG Power Lever that Daiwa pioneered in the industry. The power lever, which was previously on the upper right of the reel body, is located in the center, and the dial type is easy to operate intuitively. As a result, a variety of operations such as clutch on/off, disengagement, reassembling, adjusting, and winding up can be performed with just one thumb of the hand holding the rod. If you hold the rod, the thumb will naturally be attached to the upper part of the reel body, so the layout and shape are ergonomically reasonable. The free hand is completely free from lever operation, and does not rattle when the rod is held. We hope that you will be able to use the JOG power lever and enjoy playing with the target more easily than ever. [JOG system] image image image [Clutch OFF] [Clutch ON] [JOG winding up] image ■MAGSEA LED BALL BEARING [Mag shield ball bearing] Daiwa's original waterproof and durable structure that shuts out intrusion of seawater and dust by creating a magnetic oil wall and maintains a light and smooth initial rotation performance for a long time. .. This technology is applied to the ball bearing itself, which is the cornerstone of rotational performance, and the mag shield ball bearing is adopted for the spool shaft bearing that is the most prone to salt damage and difficult to maintain. Spool-free performance ・Continues the winding power and maintains comfortable initial performance for a long time. (*The image is different from this product, but the function is the same.) image ■MAGMAX Motor The core of the motor system is the magnet that is the source of power. The special neodymium magnet adopted by DAIWA is an ideal magnet that can generate sufficiently high torque even at low rotation with a light load. It boasts the toughness of a large-scale blue-green fish, the toughness of a large die, and the multi-pointing of a squid and the power to easily wind up from the deep sea. Of course, delicate output adjustments such as slow hoisting and slow boat stop are also handy. In addition, the brush motor with good response has excellent instantaneous power, and the hoisting operation is as the angler wishes. Custom motor exclusively for DAIWA electric reel. image ■ATD [Automatic Drag System] As the name of Automatic means, a new generation drag system that operates smoothly according to the pulling of fish and continues to work while smoothly changing. In addition to the smoothness without stick (unevenness), it is designed to prevent the drag force from decreasing during the fight, assuming exchange with a large blue-green product. image ■ Magmite structure & FF structure Magmite structure that maximizes the power of the motor by fully utilizing the limited space in the electric reel. Achieve maximum power and speed in a small space. In addition, the cooling effect of the motor is improved, contributing to further improvement of motor drive efficiency. The FF structure makes it easy to hold and use by designing the reel in a low profile by placing the motor in front of the spool. In addition, a level wind is placed between the motor and spool to achieve further compactness. image ■Synchronized level wind mechanism A mechanism in which the left and right reciprocating motions of the level wind (line guide) are interlocked according to the spool rotation during both falling and winding. Keeps a clean thread winding state and realizes a smooth device drop. Also, the drag can be pulled out smoothly. (*The image is different from this product, but the function is the same)

ModelloProduct nameMANOVELLAGear ratioweight gdrag force (kg)PE Braided (No.-m)PE Nylon (No.-m)Maximum Force KGRegular hoisting speed 1kg load (m/min)JAFS standard hoisting force (kg)JAFS standard hoisting speed (m/min)
DAIWA 18 SEABORG 300J300JManovella Destra4.7635123-400 4-3005-280 6-20047 (52)145 (161)12205
DAIWA 18 SEABORG 300J300J-LManovella Sinistra4.7635123-400 4-3005-280 6-20047 (52)145 (161)12205

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