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Livetarget Roach Swimbait

Livetarget Roach Swimbait

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Silver/Black - 50gr
Silver/Black - 64gr
Silver/Black - 142gr

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Livetarget Roach Swimbait The Roach Swimbaits are designed for the shallow water fisheries, where giant Pike often chase this elusive bait fish. Ideally fished around ellgrass. With three sizes and a medium-slow sink rate, these swimbaits will make even a veteran "Roach fisherman" take a second look.

RHS140MS202Livetarget Roach SwimbaitSilver/Black200mm50grSilver/Black - 50gr
RHS160MS202Livetarget Roach SwimbaitSilver/Black160mm64grSilver/Black - 64gr
RHS200MS202Livetarget Roach SwimbaitSilver/Black200mm142grSilver/Black - 142gr

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