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Livetarget Pinfish Swimbait

Livetarget Pinfish Swimbait

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Silver/Violet - 21gr
Silver/Violet - 28gr
Silver/Green - 21gr
Silver/Green - 28gr

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12,90 €

Fish the LIVETARGET Pinfish Swimbait near pilings, rocks, mangroves, docks, grass flats or other structure where fish hide. This swimbait is factory rigged with a heavy-duty hook, be ready to heave big fish out of cover with confidence. Saltwater.

PFS93MS718Livetarget Pinfish SwimbaitSilver/Violet93mm21grSilver/Violet - 21gr
PFS105MS718Livetarget Pinfish SwimbaitSilver/Violet105mm28grSilver/Violet - 28gr
PFS93MS719Livetarget Pinfish SwimbaitSilver/Green93mm21grSilver/Green - 21gr
PFS105MS719Livetarget Pinfish SwimbaitSilver/Green105mm28grSilver/Green - 28gr

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