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Lure Bone Hero Darter

Lure Bone Hero Darter

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90mm / Brown Back Shad
90mm / Cyan Gold
90mm / Chameleon
90mm / Golden Carp
90mm / Golden Roach
90mm / Glass Shrimp
90mm / Lavender Gloss
90mm / Mutated Chart
90mm / Rainbow Trout
90mm / Crazy Temmy

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The ultimate dart bait designed to search for fish in deeper columns, the Hero Darter is a multi function vibe that has 3 eyelets for various fishing applications. Rigging your line to the first eyelet allows the Hero Darter to dart erratically on each jerk, moving in realistic irregular directions, much like a fleeing baitfish when spooked. When a slower presentation is required, a moderate straight retrieve allows the Hero Darter to swim with a tight wobble, fluttering on a tight line when sinking. The second and third eyelet enables vibe mode on the Hero Darter, allowing it to sink quicker and has a wider wobble on a straight retrieve. Adding a sinker on the front most eyelet enables the angler to target a deeper column if required.

ModelloProduct nameAzioneLunghezzaPesoColore
HD90BBSLure Bone Hero DarterSinking90mm16gBrown Back Shad
HD90CGLure Bone Hero DarterSinking90mm16gCyan Gold
HD90CMLure Bone Hero DarterSinking90mm16gChameleon
HD90CTLure Bone Hero DarterSinking90mm16gCrazy Temmy
HD90GCLure Bone Hero DarterSinking90mm16gGolden Carp
HD90GRLure Bone Hero DarterSinking90mm16gGolden Roach
HD90GSLure Bone Hero DarterSinking90mm16gGlass Shrimp
HD90LGLure Bone Hero DarterSinking90mm16gLavender Gloss
HD90MCLure Bone Hero DarterSinking90mm16gMutated Chart
HD90RBTLure Bone Hero DarterSinking90mm16gRainbow Trout

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