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Lure Bone Focus

Lure Bone Focus

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130mm / Black Bream
130mm / BlueGill Sunfish
130mm / Black Tilapia
130mm / Golden Roach
130mm / Largemouth Bass
130mm / Perch
130mm / Red Breasted Sunfish
130mm / Realistic EarthEater
130mm / Realistic Mono
130mm / Realistic Temmy
130mm / Silver Roach

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29,90 €

The Focus is a versatile jointed bait designed for fishing expeditions, especially when trying out new waters in search of your target fish. It features a 4+1 line eyelets, each with its own unique swimming action. This is truly a lure which assists anglers to focus on the desired water depth when fishing in different terrains. The first eyelet serves as a swim bait. During retrieval, the lure creates a seductive wide wobble and roll action mimicking a natural lifelike swimming action. Attaching your line to the second and third eyelet helps to achieve different depths, assisting anglers to reach a deeper water column. Vibration mode can be imparted when attached to the fourth eyelet as it swims in a forward position as it rattles, to attracting any predators in the vicinity. Additional weights can be attached to the bottom eyelet without affecting its action, allowing it to reach any depth in search of your trophy catch

ModelloProduct nameAzioneLunghezzaPesoColore
FC130BBLure Bone FocusTopwater130mm41gBlack Bream
FC130BSLure Bone FocusTopwater130mm41gBlueGill Sunfish
FC130BTPLure Bone FocusTopwater130mm41gBlack Tilapia
FC130GRLure Bone FocusTopwater130mm41gGolden Roach
FC130LMBLure Bone FocusTopwater130mm41gLargemouth Bass
FC130PLure Bone FocusTopwater130mm41gPerch
FC130RBSLure Bone FocusTopwater130mm41gRed Breasted Sunfish
FC130RELure Bone FocusTopwater130mm41gRealistic EarthEater
FC130RMLure Bone FocusTopwater130mm41gRealistic Mono
FC130RTLure Bone FocusTopwater130mm41gRealistic Temmy
FC130SRLure Bone FocusTopwater130mm41gSilver Roach

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