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Aiming for the top, with evolution. BB-X Technium undergoes a full model change with SUT Brake II, which has undergone a dramatic evolution. The SUT brake II completely eliminates blurring when the rotor is reversed, and it is possible to instantly pull out the thread and restore your posture. The strong, highly rigid HAGANE body and gears, and the NEW MGL rotor are the ultimate advantages when dealing with big fish. Durability has also been improved by the X protection that prevents seawater from entering. In addition to the 2500 & C3000DXG with a gear ratio of 6.6:1 that balances power and speed, the 2500 & C3000DXXG with a gear ratio of 7.2:1 that enhances replay with overwhelming speed even in long-distance fishing, and the 4.6:1 that allows you to continue winding with the rod narrowed down. Lineup of C4000D TYPE-G with low gear specification. The NEW BB-X Technium will aim for the top of the shore with you. When I was just 15 years old, I worked on the rigorous testing of the original BB-X. About 40 years have passed since then, and I have been associated with this reel for a long time. The first thing I felt when I touched the BB-X Technium, which has undergone a model change, was how comfortable it was to wind. In other words, I had the impression that the basic performance had improved. By incorporating the HAGANE gear made from precision cold forging technology into the magnesium body, it has reached a high level of strength, lightness and smoothness in terms of material and structure. That's why, with the MGL rotor, the start-up is faster than ever, and the SUT Brake II, which has increased high-speed reverse rotation performance, can be used with confidence. As a reel that reverses the rotor, the stability, speed, and response are very good. By making full use of the BB-X Technium's functions, when a fish goes where you don't want it to go, you can instantly change the position of the rod tip to respond. Delicately, it is packed with performance to enjoy high quality technically. Please enjoy comfortable fishing with BB-X Technium. The function of SUT brakes cannot be removed from my fishing anymore. There are unprecedented merits such as the speed of threading, the speed of setting up the system, and the less burden on the fish, and I think that those who are already using it will sympathize. And this time, with the installation of SUT Brake II, the performance of steering wheel control has also been improved. In addition, the MGL rotor enables even lighter and faster reverse rotation. I just don't know what to do with the island. Therefore, the rigidity is improved while reducing the weight. The lineup will be different from the past, all SUT brake type and gear ratio will be 3 types of XXG, DXG, TYPE-G. Among these, I prefer to use the low gear TYPE-G. You can hang a big fish, grip the rod, put it on your waist, and reel it in even from the limit. The TYPE-G's specialty is to shorten the distance from the bent state, which does not allow even the slightest slack in pumping, and other reels cannot imitate it. So, it's not only for big fish, but it's also good at medium-sized fishing, and you can pull it with torque without changing the direction of the fish's head, so you won't miss the time. SUT brake type TYPE-G is Technium's first model. If you want to enjoy the overwhelming hoisting power, I hope you enjoy the fishing that only TYPE-G can do.

CodeMODELgear ratioMaximum drag force (Kg)Weight (g)Spool diameter (mm)/width (mm)Thread winding amount nylon (lb-m)Maximum winding length (cm/1 rotation of handle)Handle length (mm)Number of bearings BB/roller
496936304352821 BB-X TECHNIUM 2500DXG SR2500DXG SR6.6Ten25547.5/14.52-170,2.5-150,3-120985016+1
496936304353521 BB-X TECHNIUM 2500DXXG SL - LEFT2500DXXG SL7.2Ten25547.5/14.52-170,2.5-150,3-1201075016+1
496936304354221 BB-X TECHNIUM C3000DXG SL - LEFTC3000DXG SL6.6Ten25047.5/14.52.5-180,3-150,4-100985016+1
496936304355921 BB-X TECHNIUM C3000DXXG SRC3000DXXGSR7.2Ten25047.5/14.52.5-180,3-150,4-1001075016+1
496936304356621 BB-X TECHNIUM C4000DG SRC4000D TYPE-G SR4.6Ten25548/14.53.5-170,4-150,5-125695016+1
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