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SHIMANO FORCE MASTER 3000 2022 Toughness forged with the power of trust. And the advantage that the control of information brings. Fishing species that require power and durability, such as large fish and multi-point hooking of squid. The Forcemaster 3000 has undergone a model change in pursuit of these high-load fishing. Inherited the heart of the MUTEKI MOTOR of the previous 17 Force Master 3000XP that sounded with power. Equipped with a new reinforced gear system that achieves amazing durability, it raises the offshore squid fishing to a new dimension where large blue objects, huge bottom objects, long hoisting distances, and multi-point loads continue to be applied. In addition, by installing a color fish finder display screen, you can visualize a lot of information such as the depth and shape of the seabed, the size of the school, and the trajectory of the tackle. It is now possible to always take the first tactic. Toughness forged with the power of trust. And the great advantage that the control of information brings. The Forcemaster 3000 opens up a new strong style for boat fishing. *The Search Maru Screen/Scale can be used on all ships equipped with the Search Maru base unit. The AccuFish function and fish school water depth display can only be used on vessels equipped with a main unit that supports AccuFish. [About power supply] The product does not contain a lithium battery. In order to fully demonstrate the performance of the reel, we recommend using a large capacity battery (manufactured by our company: BT Master 11AH). MUTEKI MOTOR with high torque and power. MUTEKI MOTOR is a brushed motor that maintains high torque even at high temperatures and exhibits powerful power. Originally, the MUTEKI MOTOR demonstrated higher performance than general motors that used plastic magnets, but the neodymium magnets used in it were changed to special rare earth magnets to achieve even higher performance. In terms of actual fishing, it has excellent response speed when driving, and in cases where it hits immediately after landing on the rig, it is a great advantage for quickly cutting the bottom. A reinforced gear system that doubles the durability*. The gear system has been greatly strengthened, such as bearing support for the reduction gear, achieving amazing durability. The synergistic effect with MUTEKI MOTOR realizes the strength and speed of hoisting, as well as a sense of stability. In particular, it supports deep offshore squid fishing, which has a deep target and high loads due to multi-point hooking. *17 Comparison with Forcemaster 3000XP Equipped with a search screen with overwhelming information power. It has evolved significantly from the conventional simple fish finder function, and the electric reel displays the seabed water search, seabed shape, fish reactions such as school size and fish body length (accufish), and the trajectory of the tackle. Without moving your eyes to the Takkeimaru CV-FISH on the boat or your smartphone, it will be displayed in vivid colors on the reel counter at hand. A new feature that motivates you just by looking at the detailed changes in the seabed and the reactions of the fish, and is directly linked to actual fishing. Especially in drop fishing, the reaction of bait (bait) is clear, and you can change the lively bait many times, so you can fish efficiently. A thick PE8 can be rolled up to 200m, and a thin PE4 can be rolled up to 450m. Forcemaster 3000 is an electric reel with a very wide range of protection, from familiar fishing such as red sea bream and yellowtail fishing to squid and light swimming. The MUTEKI MOTOR at the heart of this reel has excellent response speed when driving, which is a great advantage when quickly bottoming out. By installing a new reinforced gear system there, it has acquired the durability that the initial good condition lasts for a very long time. I felt the improvement in performance even in terms of this vs. big game. In the test, I caught 25kg class amberjack and 15kg class grouper. I think that it is perfect for light swimming, which is a trigger for the introduction of full-scale swimming fishing. In addition, a color screen, the Senkenmaru screen, was also installed. It's definitely a nice feature to have for fishing species that require a search circle, such as drop fishing. The new design is simple and more luxurious. Enjoy a variety of fishing with the Forcemaster 3000, which has the ability to respond to various fields. The power to control high loads and the Tankenmaru screen that spreads enjoyment. The Forcemaster 3000 has taken over the overwhelming power of the 3000XP and has undergone a model change. With the new reinforced gear system, not only power but also durability is further improved. In addition, the force master 3000 MUTEKI MOTOR has a spool-in motor structure, so even if the thread comes out, the spool is less thin. Winding is very stable at both high speed and low speed because there is little change in the spool diameter. In particular, the act of winding it up strongly and slowly under load puts a strain on the electric reel, but the new Forcemaster 3000 can be used with confidence in this regard. I felt that the usability and stability that cannot be expressed in numbers have increased. Individual specifications such as a maximum drag force of 20 kg are also close to high-end, so it is a versatile electric rod that can be used for various fishing such as multi-point hooking of large squid, large fish to swim, and fishing in mid-to-deep water. Finished as a reel. The Tankenmaru screen, which is the first in the Force Master series, is also a big point. For Japanese flying squid, tana can be very important depending on the season. Bait reactions such as sardines and mackerel are strongly reflected in the middle layer, and Japanese flying squid is mixed in the school. Of course, the captain will make an announcement, but by combining what you hear with your eyes and what you see with your eyes, you can quickly deliver your tricks to the range. This difference in information capacity may lead to a difference in fishing results with fellow boaters. I think that by using the Takkeimaru screen in this way, the fun of boat fishing will spread, not just squid fishing.

Code Name gear ratio Maximum winding length (cm/1 rotation of handle) Weight (g) Maximum drag force (Kg) Yarn amount PE (No.-m) Number of bearings BB/roller
4969363044488 22 FORCE MASTER 3000 - RIGHT 3.9 70 795 20 4-450,5-350,6-300,8-200 10 1

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