NORIES BIG ESCAPE TWIN 5"class / 122mm


    Big Escape Twin" The trusted bulky bait "Escape Twin" has been made even more voluminous. The "Big Escape Twin" was born as the strongest bulky bait. It can be used with heavy Texas and heavy Carolina, and as a rubber jig trailer, it can challenge big fish strategies with an overwhelming presence. The heavy main paddle stirs up the water, and the two pairs of reverse legs and curled antennae grab the water. In the no-sinker state, it falls horizontally and slowly. Even with a heavy Texas, it is possible to perform a no-sinker horizontal fall where only the sinker drops first, just like with a Carolina. The material is mainly high-density material mixed with salt. The mass of about 18g alone boasts an outstanding pitching feel. Of course, it is mixed with special particles with the taste and smell that bass like, so even with this volume, you can get a deep bite and hook it reliably. The "Big Escape Twin" is positioned as the strongest class of soft bait. Its potential is immeasurable.

    Nories Big Escape Twin

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