NORIES ESCAPE TWIN 4-1/2"class / 105mm


    Noires Escape Twin. Escape Twin" The "Escape Twin" has a sharp movement and a "strong" appeal effect due to its volume. All of the parts with increased volume have a straight water-pushing shape. This allows it to move sharply during the fall and lift, inviting a reaction, and when it hits the bottom or shakes, each part stirs up the water and appeals with a strong presence. The two thick paddles, which are particularly distinctive, wobble up and down during the action, as well as during the fall and when it is simply reeled in, making for a unique appeal. The overall silhouette is a size that is suitable for standard crayfish. The salt mixed into the high specific gravity material and the taste and scent particles further ensure that it bites. It can be used in Texas, where it hits covers such as posts and bushes, or in Carolina, where it is aimed at breaks and humps. It is also a great match as a rubber jig trailer for big fish. This worm is indispensable for fishing with "strong" soft baits that are quick to win.

    the "Escape Twin" has a sharp movement and a strong appeal due to its volume. This classic soft bait boasts numerous achievements, and now has a "Pro Guide Select" series supervised by Takao Ogino of the NORIES FACTORY team. He will personally explain this item, which was used in this interview. 

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