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    III/77SH7'7"Super HeavyFast635mm8~12PE257gr
    III/80SH8'0"Super HeavyFast635mm8~12PE269gr
    III/72XH7'2"Extra HeavyFast593mm8~12PE267g

    This new series of fishing rods uses raw materials with 24t 30t carbon bands combined in four different directions. This solution allows to have great advantages, power and rigidity, lightness and power even in normally unfavorable bending conditions. The twisting capacity of this multiaxial material is extraordinary, and Smith has managed to improve an already excellent product. The complete series is composed of four rods, mounted with very sturdy Fuji rings in silicon nitride and accessories with the unmistakable handle in split eva split camouflage of the highest quality camouflage. Fuji reel door plate uses the new TCS18-based LOGR double nut system.


    The Magnum Husky MHKOZ69H is a very powerful 6.9? long casting rod weighing only 225g. It is the shortest of the series, so it is suitable for use by the boat and for all techniques where you want to launch the bait in a very precise way. The power reserve remains very high, however, you have in your hand a tool that can fight fish of extra large size. Perfect for pike fishing with big shad, jerk, spinnerbai and swimbait, it is the ideal rod for those who love a gear not very long but of great substance.


    The MHKOZ72XH is the most powerful rod in the series, a monstrously powerful rod. Suitable for those who need a tool able to guarantee a prompt response during fights with big torpedoes or big pike. The torsional resistance properties of this blank allow the rod to lift our prey from the bottom, or remove it from the covers. Long 7.2? weighs 267g. that when compared to the power of the tool, it is incredible! Excellent for the technique in which you have to stick the hook in ferrata in the jaws of our giant preys.


    The MHKOZ77SH is the ideal rod for those who want to pit the pike with a tool that is at the same time light, powerful and with technical quality grades inside. h an action less extreme than 7.2?, ensures long-distance throwing and a ready response in track phase. Recommended techniques are fishing with jerk, spinnerbai, bucktail, rubber and swimbait. Weighs only 257g., practically all day long without feeling the slightest effort, a jewel!


    The MHKOZ80SH is the longest in the series and the ideal rod for 8.0? users. The weight of only 269g. allows it to be used for several hours without fatigue. Remarkable distances that can be reached with this gear perfect for fishing with large swimbait. Pike fishing in recent years has taken the direction towards increasingly lighter and more powerful fishing gear, which is the emblem of this concept. The torsional rigidity of this raw material accompanies the escapes of the fish during the combat, drastically reducing the slaming.

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