15101MEIHO VERSUS VS-8050542x300x397mm

    • Fishing Box, which can be used as a table
    • Drawers durch boxes replaceable.
    • Locks are secured against unintentional opening
    • Dimensions: 542 x 300 x 397 mm

    Perfect machining of all surfaces and parts. The combination of many materials, selected depending on the function of a particular part. Maximum capacity for a given volume. Separators in the upper main compartment are intended for storage of artificial baits. Smoothly descending pen. Top and side panels - the caps are made of a durable, non-abrasion-resistant polycarbonate resistant to damage. Two-step latches on the lid and on the side. The connecting pin is made of a durable, resistant to damage stainless steel. External tool holders, which allows you to have them on hand and eliminates damage to tackles and baits. The main unit is made of durable and resistant to damage and shocks of the polymer. Sidewalls have additional reinforcement in the form of an aluminum circuit. Retractable shelves have a secure locking mode that prevents them from falling out of the box if it is open.

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