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Slow fall transforms the light game. Lightweight reel with counter equipped with micro module gear A compact, lightweight counter reel for light games equipped with a micromodule gear and equipped with a fall lever. It is a versatile bait and lure that can be used for a wide range of target fish, and is especially effective for fishing such as metal sute, hairtail, rockfish, flounder, light gomoku, one tenya, sea bream mule, and light jigging, which are particularly effective in inviting slow fall. The 150 is a single handle with a gear ratio of 6.9 and a handle length of 60 mm, and is suitable for power systems. The 150DH has a double handle with a gear ratio of 6.9 and a handle length of 55 mm, which matches technical fishing. The 150DHXG is a double handle with a gear ratio of 8.1 and a handle length of 55mm, and is a recommended model for games that emphasize rework such as metal sute. Inheriting the high performance of Barchetta, which renewed the common sense of lightweight reels with counters, the HAGANE body and X-SHIP realize smooth and powerful winding. Open up a new area of ​​light game.

CodeMODELgear ratioMaximum drag force (Kg)Weight (g)Spool diameter (mm)/width (mm)Thread winding amount nylon (lb-m)Maximum winding length (cm/1 rotation of handle)Handle length (mm)Number of bearings BB/roller
496936304007719 BARCHETTA PREMIUM 150 RIGHT1506.95.526532/220.8-400/1-330/1.5-20069608+1
496936304009119 BARCHETTA PREMIUM 150DH RIGHT150DH6.95.525532/220.8-400/1-330/1.5-20069558+1
496936304011419 BARCHETTA PREMIUM 150DHXG RIGHT150DH-XG8.1Five25532/220.8-400/1-330/1.5-20081558+1
496936304008419 BARCHETTA PREMIUM 151 LEFT1516.95.526532/220.8-400/1-330/1.5-20069608+1
496936304010719 BARCHETTA PREMIUM 151DH LEFT151DH6.95.525532/220.8-400/1-330/1.5-20069558+1
496936304012119 BARCHETTA PREMIUM 151DHXG LEFT151DH-XG8.1Five25532/220.8-400/1-330/1.5-20081558+1
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