Canna Fin-Nor Valhall 2.0 Traveller Light Vedi a schermo intero

Canna Fin-Nor Valhall 2.0 Traveller Light

Canna Fin-Nor Valhall 2.0 Traveller Light

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And of course, there is a version of the new Valhall for your travels. With four sections and a transport length of just 61 cm, this version is ideal when travelling by plane, roadster or motorbike. Uses the same components as the two-section Valhall. Long male joints ensure stable connections of the rod sections and give the Valhall Traveller its power. Casting weight: 40 to 140 g, vertical up to 220 g. Valhall Light: Casting weight: 30 to 80 g, vertical up to 150 g. Length of both models: 2.2 m

130282202,20m Valhall 2.0 Traveller Light 30g 80g,Vertical: 150 g230 g2,20 m430-80 g / vertical-150 g0,61 m

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