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Rhino VX 44 electric outboard motor

Rhino VX 44 electric outboard motor

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Strong, stronger, Rhino VX! Introducing one of the most powerful electric outboard motors on the market. The Rhino VX is outstanding in its low power consumption, allowing it to be used for longer periods with regular battery capacity. The motor is operated and steered with a telescopic tiller offering 5 forward and 2 reverse speeds. The motor can be tilted up by pushing a button and the depth of the prop as well as steering counterforce are continuously adjustable. With battery indication to prevent any loss of power scenarios. The Rhino VX features exceptionally simple, comfortable and safe overall handling. This electric outboard motor has become a reliable companion to thousands of boat anglers.• With loading check display• With steel shaft• Extremely low energy consumption 9,55 kg Peso 9,55 kg

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