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Rhino BLX 70 electric outboard motor

Rhino BLX 70 electric outboard motor

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Powerful electric outboard motor with 70lb of thrust at a voltage of 12V. Corresponds to roughly 2 H.P. Maintenance-free design, since no graphite brushes are used as collectors. The so-called S mode (which is activated via the Sport Mode button) brings the motor to maximum performance directly however, it is also possible to use the Vario Speed feature to adjust the speed continuously in forward or reverse. When the motor is running, the display shows the battery condition. The motor also features a USB connector for charging phones or lamps. The tiller is extractable its shaft is made of stainless steel. It folds up by means of a lever. Both the propeller depth in the water and the steering pressure are continuously adjustable. An essential piece of equipment for demanding boat anglers. Peso 12,2 kg

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