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EVEROL VJ 12 (Vertical Jigging)

Gear ratio: 6.2:1 (4.8:1 optional)
Line capacity: 49
0 yards / Spectra 0,28
Max drag power:  40 lbs
Weight: 20 oz
Ball Bearing: 6 double shielded stainless steel ball bearings and 1 anti-reverse bearing.
Right and left hand version available.

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Full Silver
Red Silver
Without Freespool & Without Drag Clicker
With Drag Clicker
With Freespool Button
With Freespool & Drag Clicker

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375,00 €

Patented drag release button that allows freespool without moving the lever drag (Optional).
Stop spool button that allows to brake and to release it again when the jigg slow down.
Especially designed for Light Jigging and Inchiku

Like all Everol Made in Italy reels, the VJ12 Light was born to be eternal and all the mechanics are clearly in stainless steel. Its strength lies in its simplicity, power and absolute reliability. Specially designed for Vertica Jigging and Inchiku, during the design phase, well defined technical choices were made: on the one hand, all the mechanics dedicated to launching were excluded and then we focused more on the lever clutch system that allows an instantaneous adjustment, certainly more efficient than the star regulator. The coil is deliberately narrow and without wire guide rail to avoid reliability problems to this very often correlated. The width is enough to handle the thread with the thumb, however, and the capacity is such that it is perfect for heavy inchiku at very high depths. Everol's VJ is the result of the artisan experience that distinguishes us and represents the pleasure of having an exclusive Made in Italy product for the hands. After years of working with Asian products like the world's technology summary, the best fishermen are finally realizing that behind all marketing and advertising, the good technology is in our house. In fact Everol, who knows why, sells to the Americans, sells to the Japanese, sells to the Australians... and in Italy... only the garists use it. Interesting real? Many of us fish with chinesates, americanates and Japanese, and fish them with the jewels we dreamt of, designed and developed in Italy. Consider that Everol builds the world's best whirlpools for giant bluefin tuna drifting. I'm not here to tell you because it's better the Made in Italy, you also know it, but look at the two films below and you'll definitely look at the Everol with other eyes.

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